Flow Boulevard


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Community, people, events and commerce supported
by movement of people and goods along the corridor.

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The New System Breakthrough:

There has been a breakthrough in the Flow Boulevard system that makes continuous flowing traffic a more versatile improvement to the urban roadway system by it now being able to connect single street Flow Boulevards to couplet Flow Boulevards (pairs of one-way streets). This allows a more complete Flow Boulevard vehicular system to traverse through the different existing street patterns at grade that are to receive the Flow Boulevard improvement in the existing boulevard network. There is the continuation of continuous flow traffic from one to the next boulevard type of corridor through interchanges, also at grade, and also having continuous flowing traffic so that there is no stopping of traffic flow from the one boulevard type to the next boulevard type.

Climate Change Breakthrough:
Calculations for the reduction of CO2 emissions show that the Flow Boulevard is a major way to both reduce congestion and to reduce CO2 emissions. These reductions in CO2 can be extremely large and quickly made due to the fact that Flow Boulevard use can be developed quickly at existing polluting traffic bottleneck locations. That makes two improvement objectives accomplished at the same time. Calculations have been made for the West Los Angeles 405 corridor between Sunset Boulevard and the I-10 interchange which indicate that more that 1000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per day can be eliminated by the use of a Flow Boulevard in combination with the now congested 405 Freeway. Most of the eliminated CO2 emissions occur by eliminating the traffic congestion in the Boulevard cross streets with the 405.

Better Improvements Quicker:
Metro has proposed and funded, in the 28 projects for the 2028 Olympics, a proposed Express Busway as part of the 405 freeway that would be between the San Fernando Valley and ending in the Westside at the I-10 interchange. But ending the Express Busway at the I-10 makes a traffic problem and little is done at removing the Westside pollution and congestion that has existed for decades. The proposal is not good enough.
A Flow Boulevard combined with the proposed Metro 405 Express Busway, connecting and extending the Busway from the Santa Monica Boulevard south to Culver City, straddling the 405 on existing boulevards, would allow continuous flowing Express Busway service for both the northern and southern commuters to the Westside with Express Busway Transit having continuous flowing traffic.
There are many such improvements to be made in the existing boulevard network that solve traffic congestion and can greatly reduce CO2 emissions by flowing vehicular traffic. And these improvements can be made quickly and affordably and in turn make bus transit fast and reliable with the help of continuous flowing traffic on Flow Boulevards. Climate change has brought a new urgency to making less congestion and pollution quickly.

Site Update Schedule: It is now late April 2019. Expect by June 2019 there will be new Flow Boulevard explanation and projects to be exhibited. The Flow Boulevard website in the past has been a workshop to communicate ideas with. Now these ideas are at a point where they can have great contribution at the citywide scale in solving traffic problems and quickly reduce the threat of Climate Change impacts. Without the Flow Boulevard affordable and quickly made improvements, existing transportation efforts would likely run out of time and money trying to fight Climate Change.

Site Update Coming Soon!